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Riding the Rapids

What’s it like trying to jump the rapids in Super Adventure Box? Yea…it’s pretty much like this.

Hobo Tron

Short Story: Moto’s Beginnings

A new blog post went up today featuring a short story that lead Moto to creating the Adventure Box. It’s a downcast tale of an asura whom no one understands the genius of and no one is willing to take a risk; at least not until Lorrt. Check out the full post here.

The energy beams over the door solidified, separating Moto from his lab once and for all. He stood in the streets of Rata Sum in the driving rain. The container holding his meager belongings sagged from the downpour. All he had left after two years of collaboration was reduced to his box of possessions. He felt himself shrink and fade in the rain, as if he would slide into a storm drain and vanish forever.

A patrolling Peacemaker Golem broke through his shock. “LOITERING-IS-PROHIBITED-IN-THIS-AREA. MOVE-ALONG.”

Moto’s shoulders slumped. “I don’t have anywhere to go.” He wandered Rata Sum, which was as dormant as a dead power crystal at night. His only companions were the thoughts that he had no lab, no money, no invention. All he had were his belongings and the dream of building an invention that was grand and heroic, showy and magical.

It was something his krewe had never been able to join him on.

Despair settled over him, multiplied by his empty stomach. He found Ekko’s fish stand by the College of Dynamics dorm. The glass tank displayed Ekko’s trademark: fish made luminescent by the phosphorescent agent he fed them. Moto ordered a fish skewer, only to find he didn’t have enough copper to pay for it.

 Check out the full post here.


Playing with the Elements

Playing with the Elements: Laugh

I love the Elementalist. While I may dabble in playing some other toons I always come back to my lovely little sylvari and her ability to set everything on fire. It’s good fun. But sometimes a set of events take place and you have no other choice but to laugh. Laughter is therapeutic and when we can look at ourselves, or in this case our profession, and laugh, then life gets just a little better.

Over on the forums there is an epic thread going discussing all the “wonderful” things that we love about our class. Here are some of my favorites from the thread:

You occasionally usemist form indowned state to fall to your own death on purpose to avoid letting enemies have the satisfaction of stomping you, sometimes enemies probably follow u off a ledge because they are drooling so much and end up dying themselves. ~Senjun

I wasn’t paying attention and was walking around WvW in a staff (without a zerg). ~silvermember

Tried to LF to a spot 3 feet above you (easily walkable) and nothing happens. 40s cooldown: ele dead. ~BlackBeard

Finally got to the top of a pain in the butt JP and sneezed hitting burning retreat. ~azraeltsepesh

You yelled a curse word loud enough to attract odd stares when someone interrupts dagger earth 5. You’ve stopped 50 people in their tracks with one surprise lightning field and made a commander squee. You sunk someone, then raised them, then sunk them again underwater and giggled to yourself. ~Bluefox

Your running with a zerg with your inventory open (because there are no weapon swap button for that poor class) . You foresee a battle and start equipping your daggers (browsing through your inventory because they got mixed up with your junk) but suddenly the battle startand you end up with only 1 dagger equipped… Thus having to run away from the battle like a moron to equip the other dagger. ~Xillllix

Randomly shout attunement swap shouts IRL. ~Solo

Check out the rest of the thread for more funny accounts of strange ele wins and facepalms.

Death Becomes You

Death Becomes You: Ultimate Hybrid Build 2.0

In Guild Wars 1 my main character was a Necromancer. In that game necros had some pretty amazing builds that could be used in just about every area of the game. In Guild Wars 2 I’ve slowly been leveling my necro alt and after watching this video and build, it just might be my next character to 80.

IamOneIamLegion has been posting very beefy guides for the necromancers and he’s come up with a very interesting build which he calls the Ultimate Hybrid Build. This build focuses on doing both power damage and condition damage with plenty of AoE and group play to boot. Yep, it pretty much does it all. 

While the video is über long, clocking in at just under 80 minutes, he’s done a wonderful job of documenting everything about the build. There’s no guessing why a certain trait is used, or a particular utility skill is on the bar with this one. He’s also done the viewers a favor by providing a table of contents! If you want to skip to a particular part of the guide this is very handy. 

I know I’ll be giving it a whirl on my necro and look forward to that sweet, sweet damage. Here’s a link to the build if you just want the nitty gritty (celestial is recommended for rings, earrings, and necklace but were not available on the build site).


The First Year Infographic

Without a doubt it has been a rollercoaster of a year for ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2. Mike O’Brien put up a new blog post detailing some of the staggering numbers that have gone into this amazing game, and what better way to display this information than with a pretty infographic.

Guild Wars 2: The First Year

While the percentage of players that play as a human is not all that surprising what I find interesting is the balance between all of the professions. Warriors lead the way with 16% and Mesmers bring up the end with 10%, but given the player population, that’s a pretty even spread. 

Congratulations to ArenaNet on a successful first year and may you have many more to come!

Queen's Jubilee

Relics of Orr Retrospective

The fine folks over at Relics of Orr put together a series of interviews with some of the various members of the community (including yours truly). We discuss our opening day experiences, favorite professions, and what was our favorite patch.


Karma Hoarders Rejoice

As part of the latest patch ArenaNet made a change so that Karma jugs, sips, gulps, etc no longer work with the various types of boosters. While this is a very logical change given that Karma is now account bound instead of character bound, many people are up in arms because there was no warning about the change. Fear not though, karma hoarders rejoice!

Many people, myself included, were hoarding all the types of Karma items until you managed to get a booster, a guild banner, and any other type of Karma increase so that you could use all the items and maximize the amount of karma gained from the items. Now that these no longer work on the Karma items many people feel robbed of the extra karma that they could have had before the change. 

Colin Johanson hit up the forums to assuage us that this is all their fault:

This is totally our fault, we dropped the ball on this plain and simple. We planned to have this messaged ahead of time to be fair to everyone, communication broke down between those who knew it was supposed to be messaged, and those who were supposed to message it and it simply didn’t happen.

As game director this is ultimately my fault first and foremost, and I’m sorry for those who potentially lost some karma as a result. It is our policy to message these kind of changes ahead of time with lots of warning, I’ll do everything possible to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future.

I’d recommend not using your karma consumables yet, give us a day or two to try and see what options we have available to help mitigate the issue.

So don’t go using your Karma items just yet as you may still be able to get a boost on them at a later date. For those of us that used them…oh well, sucks to be us. 

Playing with the Elements

Playing with the Elements: It’s Tough to PvP

If you’re like me and have spend most of your Guild Wars 2 life running around the world, fighting monsters, killing dragons, and enjoying the PvE side of life then you will be in for a shock when you jump over to PvP. In fact, right now, it’s tough to PvP as an elementalist.

Story time: having gotten a little bored of late with the state of the PvE game and being on the worst server, literally, for WvW, I wanted to try something different. I’ve dabbled a little in sPvP since the game launched, but only enough to reach rank 9 and earn a few rewards. Of course the first thing you want to do when jumping into a new situation is take some time to prepare. A quick google search later turned up a neat little site called Into the Mists which has a database of builds, a very nice calculator, and articles and guides about different parts of the game. (more…)


Six Bless Our Queen

Tumblr user Bardic Notes came up with a very clever rendition of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. Enjoy!

Playing with the Elements

Playing with the Elements: So Long Mist Form

Hello again folks and welcome back for another week of Playing with the Elements! Have you been enjoying the new Queen’s Jubilee content? Right now is a great time to run with a zerg and work on those alts as you can get a good bit of experience from all the events and mobs in the new area. But that’s not what we’re going to discuss today; today, let’s take a look at the final death knell of a once beloved skill, Mist Form.

Mist Form has had some interesting ups and downs over it’s life in the game and at times we have to wonder just what does ArenaNet want to do with this skill. Back before the April 30th update when used Mist Form locked you out of your weapon skills, but left you free to use your healing, utility, and elite skills. All was right with the world in those days because this allowed you to ensure that you got a heal off, provided a buff, or went into Tornado without being interrupted in some form or fashion. After that patch this all changed, and we are now locked out of everything on our bar.

Even with those changes the skill was still useful because it provided invulnerability which was fantastic in many situations. Need to resurrect a player? Pop Mist Form while doing so and you could ignore the mob chewing on your face or trying to knock you away. This was especially useful during the Aetherblade dungeon where the Mega-Lazers-of-DOOM made it difficult to revive a player. Not an issue for us Ele’s though! Pop Mist Form and just let the beam roll on by. Ah…those were the days. It was also useful for taking points in WvW or PvP since you couldn’t be moved while it was active.

Good night sweet prince.

Good night sweet prince.

All of that changed during this last patch when Anet ninja nerfed the skill to death. Now the skill only makes the player invulnerable to damage, but not to crowd control (CC) effects. Basically instead of making us immune to everything, a god amongst men, we are instead a gnat to be ignored and pushed out of the way. Literally. 

See an ele in Mist Form? Pop a fear. Trying to take a point in WvW? Stun that ele and make them weep with shame. Notice that ele running to try and contest a point or escape in PvP? Meh, just hit em with an immobilize and wait for the effect to wear off. 


So what are we to do about the lose of our beloved skill? Well I can tell you that for now it will be coming off my bar and be replaced with Arcane Shield which has the same cooldown, doesn’t lock out all my skills, and does damage after three hits. Sure it’s doesn’t provide the same invulnerability that Mist Form does, but honestly, the trade off just isn’t worth it for me. 

Hopefully this is just a bug that was introduced with the latest patch and something that Anet will un-nerf at a later date, but til then, we’ll just put you over in the corner to play by yourself. Shh…it’s okay…a little alone time will be good for  you.

Until next time, play safe! 

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