Last week we reported that there was a major breach of a fansite database which resulted in the theft of a good deal of account information. Hackers have been using that information to try and hack into player accounts and have been able to breach around 11,000 accounts so far.

Security site Arstechnica reported the rather substantial amount of account breaches. Thankfully, ArenaNet has begun the practice of email verification when a login attempt is done from a different location than your previous login.

Officials with Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet recently began the practice of proactively e-mailing customers when someone logs into an account from a new location. They’re also advising users to choose long, random passwords that are unique to their accounts and to check e-mail only from trusted devices. From Friday to Sunday, officials said they received about 8,500 support requests related to hacked accounts and another 2,574 requests by Monday.

They also note in the article that ArenaNet has been upfront about the attacks and the advice to users about password protection has been sound:

ArenaNet officials should be applauded for being upfront about the attacks and providing effective advice for choosing passwords that aren’t susceptible to cracking attacks. Chief among that advice is picking a long, randomly generated password that isn’t used on any other site. That means, at a minimum, a password with eight characters—although 13 or even more is better—that’s generated using a password management program such as PasswordSafe or LastPass. The password should use both numbers and capital and lower-case letters. If the password won’t be entered with a limited keyboard, adding punctuation and other symbols is also a good idea.

Check out the full article for all the details and be sure to keep your account safe!