Perfectly fine.

We here at Guild Wars Insider have tested Guild Wars 2 on Windows 8 in two different setups:  One with an ATi/AMD graphics card and one using the GPU-on-chip Intel HD graphics.  Both Windows 8 machines ran Guild Wars 2 with zero complaint right out of the box.  We also noticed no discernible performance hit from switching over to Windows 8 from Windows 7.  When Microsoft’s new operating system is dropped on October 26th, you can upgrade knowing that problems will be few and far between.

Keep in mind, though, that Guild Wars 2 will NOT run on devices such as the upcoming Microsoft Surface with Windows RT tablet.  For those that don’t know, Windows RT is a version of Windows 8 that runs on ARM processors, the type found in your smartphone, or current iPad or Android tablet.  Personal computers use a processor architecture called x86 that will run standard Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.

For those of you looking to purchase one of the upcoming x86-based Windows 8 tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro or the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro, we can confirm that Guild Wars 2 will be playable on those devices.  Our machine with the Intel HD Graphics integrated GPU averaged frame rates in the mid-20′s on low settings at 1280×720, and the Intel HD Graphics 4000 in both of those devices is significantly more powerful.  For those looking at other x86 tablets, we would suggest staying away from ones with Intel Atom processors and opt for ones with at least a Pentium G Series or a Core i3 and up.