ArenaNet: Diminished Returns Are “Not Functioning As Intended”

If you have spent any time on the web in the last couple of days, you may have noticed that Diminished Returns are one of the most talked about (and debated) topics. From the forums of MMORPG to the halls of Guru, players are casting their opinions on one of ArenaNet’s latest measures to combat bots and farmers in Guild Wars 2. First off, if you are wondering what exactly we are talking about. Let’s start off with an official post from Anet’s Jon Peters.

Hey all, it is my fault the updates to those 3 dungeon chains did not get into to the notes. There is a lot going on right now and as we establish our patch process sometimes things will slip through the cracks. I wanted to shed some light on the dungeon speed clear stuff as well. You should not see any diminished returns unless you.  

1) Run the same exact chain over twice in a row  

2) Complete multiple dungeons in 30 minutes or less each.  

We also reduced the rewards of completing story mode, once you have already completed it, because the rewards for story mode were never intended to be a high as they were.  

At this time, dungeons should one of the most efficient ways to level and get gold, and it is not our intention to make them feel like a grind. This is a very large game, and we have a lot of people playing it in many different ways. Right now we are working hard to make sure there are not any ways for players to circumvent the normal rewards in the game and then we will be able to look at the actual rewards and make sure they require a reasonable amount of investment.  

Dungeons are meant to be difficult and we will continue to update them to try and reach a point where the time invested to XP/Gold/Tokens is similar for each dungeon. Some right now are just too easy to complete while others may be too hard. Moving forward we will try and post more clear change notes for those dungeons we do fix.  

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate your desire to help us keep improving on the game.  


In addition to this, it has been noted that farming the same mob type for too long will cause the drops given by said mob to diminish as well especially in the form of mats. This has been observed by a number of players in various places as well as by several of our own staff here at GWI. While the amont of time or kills that causes the measure to kick in seems to vary, most seem to agree that moving on to another zone seems to put things back in order.

Another measure that we have been looking into is  a Trading Post sales limit which blocks trades after so many listings in a row. We haven’t had time to really give this a go but the claim does come from a very credible source.

With all of this in place, ArenaNet came out on their forums and acknowledged that the Diminished Returns system in place were currently bugged and not working as intended at least in terms of dungeon rewards.

Hey folks,

I figured it was already posted on this thread, but in the case that it is not posted and/or lost in the threadnaught, I am going to reiterate something that seemed to surprise people in another thread.

The “diminished returns anti-speed clear tech” that went in last patch is NOT functioning as intended. It is currently bugged. We’re working on it, and will have a solution as soon as possible.

 So the good news is that they are quickly working on resolving the issue and players will once again start seeing their just rewards again. Our question to you is what do you think about diminished returns? Are they enough or too much? Is there anything that you would like to see implemented? Inquiring minds want to know.