Friday I posted on a combat mod that was created to increase the action found in Guild Wars 2. As many read or know, the mod was pulled because of ArenaNet’s policy regarding third party add-ons.

Today CC Charles, Community Coordinator has officially responded on the matter.

…this program can be assimilated as a third party one, and therefore is not allowed on our game.

Please note that utilization of third party software can lead to a definitive suspension of your account.

Given that a small minority of individuals had reported using the mod because it enhanced their gaming experience this answers the question of whether it will get your account suspended for using.

I am curious to hear from the community their thoughts on this mod and ArenaNet’s action towards it in the forums. Do you think the combat mod would push the game into an unfair advantage had ArenaNet sanction it or is this a matter of ArenaNet sticking to their third party add-on policy.