New items have hit the gem store as Guild Wars 2 reaches its final days before the flood gates into Tyria open. Among them are new armor skins, a Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade for standard accounts and a celebratory hat for early arrivals.

As caught by attentive, albeit sneaky, community members at Reddit and Guild Wars 2 Guru, the items could be seen in a web version of the gem store earlier today.

Images credit Guild Wars 2 Guru

As we’ve been informed, the three armors are each designed for being transmuted on particular armor classes:

  • Primeval is heavy
  • Krytan is medium
  • and Profane is light.

Since these are armors are cosmetic and come with zero stats, transmutation stones are necessary to apply them to your current combat armor (meaning these are not town clothes). During the time these were publicly visible (as we cannot see them now), they had a list price of  approximately 500 gems each and they came with the ability to be transmuted over a piece of armor. Again, this is pre-launch and could easily change. 

The Celebration Hat (listed as free / subject to change) is said to be available only to those in the game when it is first released.

The Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade (list 2,000 gems / subject to change) most likely gives a standard edition account the digital perks of buying the Digital Deluxe or Collectors editions, including the miniature Rytlock, goblin banker and more.