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The Art of War: Sigils, Heightened Focus & Berserker’s Power

Finding the perfect way to employ your sigils requires considering the other sigils you’re using, as well. You want them to work together to maximize your goals. This week, we’re going to look at some of the best Warrior sigils and design some basic rules for using them for maximum effectiveness.

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The Art of War: Health versus Toughness & More Builds

This week I will elaborate on the Toughness vs health pool debate, as far as Warriors are concerned, and help you decide which stat to focus on. Then we’ll look at utilities in PvE, and melee survivability in World vs World. As promised, more builds ready to use at the end of this week’s column. Enjoy !

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Ready To Use Builds

This week I chose to give you four ready-to-use, viable builds: three of them are best suited for Structured PvP, while the last one is ideal for PvE. Additionally, I would like to give you a quick idea of the mindset I I recommend while leveling and building out your traits. Finally, I also wish to talk about mobility in […]

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Recent Notable Warrior Changes

The Warrior received many improvements during those last stress tests and the release that are worth the attention. Six of them are particularly notable: On My Mark, Berserker’s Power, Merciless Hammer, Quick Breathing, Healing Surge, Healing Signet and Battle Standard. Most of those abilities changes the way you play/build your Warrior. Let see what role we can give them.

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Art Of War: Warrior 101

Hey, I’m the Warrior, and I’m the symbol of courage that stays in the heart of the battle, face to face with my enemies. I love being in melee – this strengthens me, and I bet you they will run like cowards when they hear my battle cry. I have prepared for this, my weapon arsenal is ready and I […]

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