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After compiling from several sources, here is the current list of servers and who will be playing on each of them. If you were hoping to get into the same server as somebody, you can be sure to find them on this list. Also be sure to check out our growing list of recruiting GW2 guilds in our forums.

 (Credits to GW2Guru as well as some help from 4chan on this.)

US Servers

Anvil Rock – 4chan/vg/, FACEPUNCH, The Old Ones, Elder Gods
Borlis Pass – OMFGcata, House Fexdrion
Yak’s Bend – Yogscast, GW2 Guru, GameTrailers, Kinda Ferocious, ZAM, Covenant of the Phoenix
Henge of Denravi – NeoGAF, Guild Wars Reporter
Maguuma –, Aureus Knights, Knights of Eminence, Better Late Than Never, Sages’ Lost Intrigues,
Sorrow’s Furnace – VexX Gaming , Hearts of Chaos, GuildMag, Kabal,, Arena Junkies, Perfect in Theory, Descendants of Honor, Moa Birds
Jade Quarry – Decisive Action
Fort Aspenwood – RMA Clan, Penny Arcade
Ehmry Bay
Ferguson’s Crossing
Darkhaven – Reddit, Almost Famous, Gamebreaker,, FWIW, Boy Rangers, Pax Gaming, Hands of Fate, Exitializ
Vasburg – joO Binder, The Undead Lords
Eredon Terrace
Crystal Desert –
Tarnished Coast – Roleplaying (, The Gentlemen’s Club,, I Swear She Was Eighteen
Steamspur Mountains – Dragon Chasers
Blazeridge Mountains – The Gaming Ents. The Black Cloaks
Isle of Janthir – Boons & Conditions, Scyfo100
Sea of Sorrows – (Oceanic Community), SomethingAwful, Downunder, The Australian Cybergamer, Harlequin, Aurora Australis, Yakisoba, Aggroculture
Deldrimor – (Spanish Speakers), La Hermandad
Scavenger’s Causeway
Moladune - MARA
Eternal Grove – Sea of Stars & Star Onions, Tribe Gaming,, Warriors of Asgard, Gateway Krewe, The Open Stage

EU Servers

Gandara – GW2guru, Futilez , Get Stomped
Kodash –
Blacktide –,,,, Midnight Mayhem, The Autonomy, Cult of Outlaws
Istan –, Ragnarok, (FR)
Vabbi – 4chan/vg/,, DVDF
Kourna –
Fissure of Woe – SomethingAwful, TKOT,, Italian Community (Primary)
Underworld – Maltese Community, Portugal in Tyria, Ashen Gates, Italian Community (Secondary),
Ring of Fire –, The Bulgarians, FACEPUNCH, RAVEN
Far Shiverpeaks –,,,, Ragnarok Of Primordus,,,, InZane, Norse Oil eXpidition, Semper Danica, Three Crowns, Wolffestar Clan, Limburgse Jagers
Petrified Forest – Roleplaying(
Jade Sea – NeoGAF
Desolation – Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer, The Dark Reavers, The TyrianOrder, Semper Dius, Destiny’s Edge, AstralRiders
Magus Falls - Mature Age Recruitment Alliance
Whiteside Ridge – Reddit, GameTrailers, Imperium
Fort Ranik – JoL,,, Canard pc, HFR, Memorium
Ruins of Surmia – Guild Wars 2 Spain, Guild Wars Latino, Guild Wars 2 Online
Sharp’s Corner 
Aurora Glade 
Riverside – Guild Wars 2 Slovenia, GW2W, Rivers Run Red, Croatian Maniacs,  Czech Guild Wars 2 community
Elona Reach –,,
Augury Rock –,, FU, Elysium, Oneironauts, SpartiansGR, Minoans, Power of Greece, Spartans
Abaddon’s Mouth – Bloodstone Keepers, Sarcastic Malevolence


See any mistakes or missing communities? Let us know in the comments! We’ll be updating this throughout the next few days before the Beta Event.