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Engineers are Better Mesmers

Apparently if an Engineer reflects a Mesmer clone creation they can create the clone on themselves. The result is an almost infinite number of clones! Nerf Engineers!


Engineering for the AETA: C-C-C-C-Combo Maker! An Introduction to Combos

So in an almost-vain effort to eek out just a little more combat prowess from good ‘ol Tentral, I went to some dark places. My fellow Alchemists, Explosions, and Tinkerers Anonymous members, I’m ashamed to tell you of what I tried to accomplish over the last few weeks to get my numbers a little bit higher.

I tried rolling my grenades like bowling balls. There was a trip to my gunpowder manufacturer to see if imbuing the blasting powder with the tears of Thieves would help. That one would have worked, but I found out that Thieves actually cannot cry because doing so would require feelings. I even tried feeding my Mini Chromatic Ooze some lettuce in hopes that he would ooze on someone. Protip: Oozes do not eat lettuce, and they do not take orders from me. The only reason I can figure for this is that they’ve gotta be intimidated by my Engineering prowess and dashing good looks.

Then it hit me quite literally one day when a Thief threw one of his frilly-hipster batons (or whatever it is they throw) at me through a fire that was created when I burned his house down. The baton caught fire mid-flight and landed in my hands. Evidently, this Thief also had a terrible throwing arm. More importantly however, I realized the answer to my problem: Combo Fields!



AETA: Leveling Your Engineer 41-80

Welcome back everyone! It’s time for part 2 of the AETA Engineer’s leveling guide and today we’re going to start counting levels from 41.

The level cap is 80, and level 40 is a good time to reflect on how much you’ve enjoyed playing the your Engineer so far and maybe try something new out as far as a build is concerned.

Think about what you liked and what you didn’t. Analyze how you perform in groups and ask friends or guildmates if they’ve noticed you playing in any specific way. The content gets more difficult from this point on and you’ll perform better the more fun you have with a specific build. If you feel the need to change, do it now because all your traits are reset when you buy the second training manual anyways!

Read on for more, fellow Engineers!



AETA: 5 Tips for Underwater Combat Using Grenades

It’s time for another meeting of the Alchemists, Tinkerers, and Explosions Anonymous! Today I want to talk about how Engineers are faring underwater. I see a lot of us struggling with underwater combat when we start out because we’re really gimped as far as harpoon gun skills go. Our harpoon skills have good utility, but lack the direct damage needed to kill underwater baddies. After accidentally switching to the Grenade Kit while swimming, though, I think I’ve found the answer. Grenades are a fantastic solution to our woes because they’re cheap (at a measly 1 skill point) and easy to pick up and perform well with, and they’re easy to master … after a few tips, of course. Read on for 5 tips to get you started using grenades underwater! (more…)


AETA Field Manual: Leveling Your Engineer 1-40

Hello again Engineers! Welcome to another meeting of Alchemists, Tinkerers, and Explosions Anonymous. One of the greatest things about Guild Wars 2 is the freedom in style of play. Each profession can fill any role from pseudo-tank, to support, to crazy-blow-your-house-up-damage with just a simple modification in traits and skills. Because the end game of Guild Wars 2 is the leveling itself, you’ll want to try some different builds and tactics early on and figure out just which one of the many styles of play suits you best.

With this in mind, today we’ll look at 3 “leveling” builds that will get you started and make finding out what you’re good at much easier. These builds include a Flamethrower build focused on Conditions, an Explosions build focused on burst damage, and a General Leveling build focused on being ready for any situation and support. They’re all built for comfort and speed, so read on for  (more…)

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