In recent years, the gaming industry has responded with intense curiosity as details about Guild Wars 2′s combat system became more public several years ago, and ArenaNet is expected to announce later this week another drastic change to how Tyrians will fight in the game.

While full movement during combat and spellcasting, not to mention the inclusion of dodging, were two new and exciting additions to the game, it is believed that this week’s announcement will actually take the game into a totally new, if not opposite, direction: combat will be removed from the game completely.

“Since we started developing the game, we’ve been troubled by how much progressing through the game world relies on hitting animals with hammers, swords, sticks, boulders, kegs of ale, and all that other horrible, violent content that we’ve been so troubled to develop for this game,” said ArenaNet programmer and co-founder Jeff Strain. “So we’re just going to remove combat completely. The sleepless nights will now hopefully end.”

Much of the game’s content, atmosphere and functionality will remain in-tact with the combat overhaul. Karma will still be available and usable for in-game items, armor sets, and newly-added items like Valentine’s Day cards, birthday cake, ponies, and even a new Karma boost item referred to only as “hugging.”

“Listen, can I get a hug?” asked Strain. “I saw a dead animal in the street today. Life is so fragile. So, so, so fragile.”