ArenaNet Responds To Console Talk on NCSoft Conference Call:
Martin of ArenaNet chimed in over at Guru with the following response:

I think “stay calm, don’t panic” will become my new mantra.

We stated multiple times in public that we have a small team working on a console version, but that we are fully dedicated to make the most kickass game for PC

Update: Direct quote on Guild Wars 2 beta time frame and the possibility of the console port launching at the same time as the PC version. They will be holding large beta tests in March and April. The results from those two months will determine the next step. And no, it is not probable that the console version will launch at the same time.
Guild Wars 2 Beta Time Frames & Console Launch Answer

Guild Wars 2 Launch Timing Considerations: NCSoft weighs in on the various factors that will be considered when establising a launch date. It would seem that they are wary of a launch late in this year due to the results of last year’s launches.
Guild Wars 2 Launch Factors

ArenaNet has hinted before that they have pondered the idea of GW2 on a console, but previous mentions gave no serious emphasis on it’s development past that of being a hobby. The following was transcribed from the conference call.

“[Console] When it comes to Guild Wars 2 as we have announced already, we are in the preparation stage. For other titles we are looking at various options as we speak. So once again, nothing has been finalized yet for me to make specific comments now.”

Audio Version: Guild Wars 2 Console Development

We’re still giving it multiple listens, but it sound like NCsoft plans on going ahead with some kind of console access to Guild Wars 2 following launch. The also go on to mention that some development (at least in the mobile space) is being outsourced.

“In March & April there will be large scale testing for GW2; depending on results of testing a finalized commercialization schedule will be determined.”

This was kind of expected and follows along with the timeline we have come to assume ArenaNet is on. Almost… there…

“We will be considering ‘seasonality factors’ when determining final commercialization (for Blade & Soul and GW2)”

NCsoft has previously mentioned that they take player gaming habits and lifestyle into account when looking into releasing a game. Traffic on MMO servers seems to lessen during that of the summer, so lets hope for sooner than later on the release.