YSBT and a few others posted an excellent list of areas with a surplus of ingredients used for cooking that you should remember come next BWE. These “farms” are areas scattered throughout Tyria that consist of 8 close-together collection nodes for a particular cooking material.

  • Lettuce farm is in Queensdale, south of Beetletun in the topmost farm area.
  • Potato farm 1 is directly south of the Loreclaw Waypoint in the Plains of Ashford.
  • Potato farm 2 is in Wayfarer Foothills scattered around The Osenfold Shear.
  • Strawberry patch 1 is in Kessex Hills, at Isgarren’s View. You have to carefully make your way down the various cliff edges without dying to successfully farm all 8 strawberry nodes. 
  • Strawberry patch 2 is in the southeast corner of Snowden Drifts, at the bottom of a cliff near Griffonfall.
  • There is also a spinach farm in northern Gendarran Fields located just west of Povernic Crypt
  • Spinach patch a bit outside of Lion’s Reach to the West, up on a tier, but there might be a jumping puzzle to reach it
  • There is a hidden cave with a strawberry patch maintained by one a charr girl that involves some exploring and jumping.
  • The secret garden in Lion’s Arch is also a hidden jumping puzzle.

And just as we posted previously, crafting in Guild Wars 2 can be a great way to gain a few extra levels, so be prepared to start a little farming.