There’s been some new stuff coming to light after yesterday’s massive, 2 GB client update, including updated maps of game zones and a set of icons suggesting some semblence of console support.

First, Reddit member Resilience dug through the BWE3 updated files to find images of what looks suspiciously similar to an Xbox 360 controller buttons. Could this be early preparation for a console release or perhaps just icons for a mini game or some other feature not yet unveiled? you decide!

But before that hit the public eye, that-shaman of Reddit posted several images of maps of the final zones of the game, which seem to have been acquired via data mining. The maps reveal some of the elements and size of the regions of Orr and a what could be spoilers for the final encounter on one of the images. Click only if you wish to proceed.

Steamspur Mountains

Northern Orr

Southern Orr

Arah Image 1

Arah Image 2 : Spoilerific

Arah Image 2 scaled : even more spoilerific