UPDATE: Colin Johanson has weighed in on the matter over at Guru:

Just want to jump on this before it gets out of hand. Pretty much nothing in this post is factually correct, I’m not sure where this information came from but flat out: it’s misinformed at best and a lot of it totally false.

We’ll absolutely have a GM team that helps support the game at live, the rest of it is partially incorrect information or just plain wrong. You’ll start seeing information about our post-ship plans shortly (as early as today on some press sites) but it’ll come from developers specifically.
See you in game on Thursday! -Colin

HeroYouFear of ptrealms.com forums and teamquitter.com published his findings from gamescom today, which revealed a few interesting tidbits that they described as written below -

1. The accounts will have a system authenticator (digital and possibly physical) similar to WoW – official information will come out next week.

2. In case of account hacking the account may be restored to their prior state before the intrusion.

3. There will be live in-game support (similar to WoW) through tool that we already use to report BUGS, we will be able to contact a GM in real time.

4. They are aware of the disaster of Diablo with the end-game and ensured that will not happen to GW2. After the release team will jump all just work in end-game.

5. Alternative methods of PvP are being explored, GvG is confirmed to return to GW2, but said they could not disclose much more.

6. New merchandise will be launched on 28/08/2012, including Dragon T-Shirts.

Fun facts:

All 270 workers from NCSOFT who are working on GW2 will be online in head-start, including those in Europe and Asia, just in case.

Well as I just drive 3 hours and have slept very badly, there are things that probably do not remember, I’ll post pictures later with the people of ANET and GW booth.

NCSOFT launched a new sound-track of GW2 during the event (the first all-the-time containing lyrics).

Hopefully there will be some more information coming this week on a few of these things, but the fact that ArenaNet is considering GvG should make a lot of people happy.