The Fanart Spotlight is back from hiatus! For this week, we managed to get an interview with the awesome artist Koreena, who has been featured on the site before. As seen below, she is absolutely incredible!

About the Art

How long did it take to make the doll?

My best guess is between 5 and 8 hours of work, not including pattern making time. It was easy to lose track of time when doing all the hand sewing and gem crafting. 

Was there a specific inspiration behind this quaggan?

Once I played the beta and I saw some of the quaggans in their villages I knew I had to make a two toned quaggan. 

What tools or devices did you use to create the plushie?

The main body of the quaggan is machine sewn but it’s outfit is hand sewn. I made fake gem stones from polymer clay to match the iridescent bead-work on his outfit. 

What originally got you started crafting such adorable things?

The Guild Wars art contests really encouraged me to gt back into crafting. Each year I wanted to do something more awesome than the previous one. Now I am just making them because they are cute and I can. 

What advice would you give to other/aspiring artists?

Sometimes projects don’t turn out how you want but you should still finish them even if you throw the result out after. It is not a waste, it is practice. The more projects you complete the easier it will be to spot and correct future mistakes and sometimes flaws become quirks that can give your piece personality. 

About the Artist

Were you a big fan of the original Guild Wars?

Yes. I started playing GW a week after release and my husband and I played nearly every day for six years. I started making GW crafts and I have won in 8 official Guild Wars art contests. 

Which profession do you plan to have as your main character?

I am trying to decide between necro and mesmer. 

Which of the races are you most excited to play as?

I want to play human first to explore how the world has changed for them. My second will be either asura or sylvari. 

Which aspect of Guild Wars 2 is your favorite? (PvE, PvP, WvW, Dungeons, DEs, Crafting, Exploring, etc..)

PvE is the way for me! We will be scouring the world for creatures to kill and loot. I also have a horrible habit of needing to gather any resource I come across so I am quite sure that will lead me to spending many hours playing with the crafting systems.


Be sure to check out Koreena’s Deviantart if you enjoyed this cute Quaggan plushie!

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