Gems: Are they “Truly Outrageous”? Not according to Neves of The Tyrian Order.  In a recent article, we are given a simple and well thought out FAQ about the implications of the Guild Wars 2 Gem currency system.

Arenanet has released a new blogpost, detailing how the Cash-Shop currency ‘Gems’, will be implemented into the game. There has been a lot of uproar within the Guild Wars 2 community and a lot of people are jumping the gun. This article aims to inform you, why we believe, that the tradeable gems are not such a bad thing.

They go on to answer pressing questions like the following…

Does this system allow players to purchase armor and weapons fast and become stronger than other players?
Again, to put it simply, no. Where Guild Wars 2 differs from other MMORPG’s, is the fact it doesn’t feature a gear treadmill. This is when gear progressively gets better and better, the more raids you do. In Guild Wars 2, all level 80 armor will be equal in stats and power. Max level armor will be fairly easy to obtain and will be very similiar in power, no matter where you obtained it from. The only bonuses other players will receive, is the cosmetic upgrade. Sure there will be certain armors that look better than others, but it won’t make you perform any better or have a power advantage over other players.

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