Of all the crafting disciplines, Cooking is perhaps the most unique and most difficult to level. There are a great many things that you will be able to make with cooking that will provide you with unique bonuses in the form of additional statistics, such as a percentage chance to block, additional damage against certain types of creatures, an increase in magic find (which determines the amount of rare and above items that you receive as drops) and more.

These additional benefits mean that Cooking is also one of the most difficult and expensive disciplines to level, as some items can only be found on certain karma merchants found throughout the world.

Though we don’t go into it here, the Cooking discipline can also make dyes. More on that can be found here, and it will prove to be a fantastic incentive to picking up this discipline on release.

While it is possible to start crafting earlier I recommend that you begin at level 10. If you begin at that point it will give you a significant amount of time to store up materials making it quicker to level up the discipline.

***All values given are approximations as you may get lucky with critical successes. These values can also be increased through the use of crafting boost items found in the gem store.***

What you’ll need:

Levels 0-25

Unlike other crafting disciplines, the items you will make will not always be useable to make other items. For example, making an apple pie does just that – make an apple pie. There will be some ingredients that can be combined to form more complex recipes, but the majority will be single use items.


Levels 25-50

In this level range, there are some simple recipes such as Handfuls of Bjorn’s Rabbit Food that can easily be found on renown vendors in the starting zones. Bjorn’s Rabbit Food is also very reasonable at only 1 Carrot and 1 Celery Stalk to make. As you level, keep an eye out of these recipes and grab any of the ones that you think will be useful in this range. 


Discover the following combinations:


  • 3-5 more Cups of Potato Fries or Slice of Buttered Toast
  • 3-5 Balls of Cookie Dough (Bag of Flour + Stick of Butter + Egg + Bag of Sugar)

Levels 50-75



If you have not yet reached 75, continue making any of the recipes that still grant experience gain or attempt to discover more recipes with the ingredients you have on hand.

Level Experience
You will gain a good amount of experience towards your character level each time your crafting level increases. Expect to gain around 2-3 levels worth of character level upon reaching level 75 in this crafting discipline.

Community Built Guides:

For additional levels and information, please swing by our Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide and Tutorial on the GW2 Community Guides Forum.