There has been lots of chatter over the fact that ArenaNet touts that it has been able to successfully remove the Holy Trinity from Guild Wars 2. Ever since it was first said, people have argued that it’s not possible, and that somehow people will create builds that will be successful healers or tanks. So, I went the distance and attempted to create a Water Elementalist healer.

The reason that I chose to use the Elementalist as an example is because there was talk that Elementalists would be one of the only classes capable of healing constantly because their number 1 skill (the spammable skill for all classes) was also a heal. This intrigued me, so I definitely took a look into it. 

However, I was quick to realize that this was not the case. Yes, there is a healing property for their number 1 skill. Yes, you can spam it. So what was the problem? Well, the first thing that I noticed was that the actual water bolt that shoots out was absolutely thin. It would be very difficult to aim that a friendly player to heal them. The second thing that I noticed, the more important one, is that the heal on it is absolutely minuscule. At level 80, it offered a whopping 10 health to whoever was in the path trajectory of my projectile. This is when it became very apparent that the Elementalist would not be able to heal as many had either hoped or said. 

The video below shows off the ranges, animations, and tooltips for all the skills specific to a Water Elementalist, as well as a few Signets. Enjoy.