Greeting fellow adventurers! Do you crave the thrill of the hunt? The excitement of discovering wondrous, exotic, and dangerous new creatures? And more importantly slaughtering them to mount their head on your wall? All in the name of glory and revere? Or simply ‘Are you Norn?’

Then Tyria Monster Hunter is for you my compatriots, for this is the first of a series to show you that the world of Guild Wars 2 is the perfect proving ground to display your skills, and test your fate. Let us begin….

Day one of the hunt began sooner then I expected. I was still learning the ropes, as many others were, however it was not long before the world of GW2 presented me with foes worthy of a hunt.

Elder Elemental – Level 3
Located on Western Divinity Dam, the Elder Elemental while not the most formidable of foes on it’s own is still a threat due to its thick armor and summoned minions. It should still prove a challenge to new players, as many are still learning the game at such an early stage.

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Wasp Queen – Level 6

Not a hard hitter but a tricky one, evades out of danger by flying away often and summons a large amount of minor minions. Be sure to keep a ranged weapon in your pocket, you are going to need it to keep up with the speed and agility of the Wasp Queen.


Cave Troll – Level 7
Is the most troublesome of the monsters on this list, it hits damn hard, and it hurls boulders extremely quickly that hit just as hard. Kiting and restricting your abilites is key and any dodge or block should be saved for boulder hurls as they are the more difficult of the Cave Trolls abilities to avoid.

Rotting Ancient Oakheart – Level 8
The largest of monsters in this list. The Oak Hearts were already formidable opponents, but a corrupted one is a living nightmare of hard hitting, rooting, self healing, and minion summoning. This fight is long and hard, be sure to crowd control the rot grubs the Oakheart summons and whatever you do, don’t allow it to heal itself with it’s seed pods!

WARGS! – Level 9
While not strictly BAM’s these packs of roaming murder hounds are no slouches. Be sure to use your crowd control and dodge to not get overwhelmed by a pack all at once!

As the sun set on the day I wiped the blood from hands and looked back, and nodded, ‘The hunt…was good’.

What will tomorrow bring to the TMH Hunter? Check back tomorrow on Guild Wars insider to find out!