During the most recent Guild Wars 2 beta test, one question we wanted to research was this: How will Guild Wars 2 run on a Mac?  I installed it on my two-year old iMac to find out.  While we know that there are no plans for a Mac version of the game, it does install smoothly using  Bootcamp or a virtual machine software, such as Paralells.  

My system is far from a top-end machine and I did suffer some framerate issues while using Fraps to record video.  However, while not recording, the game ran smoothly at medium to high settings at 720p.  To run full 1080p, I did have to run at low to medum settings based on how much was happening on my screen.

Also, keep in mind, that this is a far from optimized build of the game and performance will more than likely improve as the game gets closer to release.

Check out the video for a summary of my experience of running Guild Wars 2 on my iMac.