While to some, securing your Guid Wars 2 account seems a pretty straight forward task: use a secure, non-dictionary password made up of numbers, letters, and symbols, but it’s not always as simple. While this is a great tactic against brute force password attacks, it’s not entirely bulletproof. Often reusing the same password across the various websites can open the door to unwanted hacking attempts, as mentioned by ArenaNet in yesterday’s game status update:

“Hackers have lists of email addresses and passwords stolen from other games and web sites…[earlier] a Guild Wars related fan site announced that its account database has been breached.”

guild wars 2 password securityThis kind of breach is extremely unfortunate and troublesome for everyone involved. While we do not wish at all to point fingers or cast blame towards any party, we do feel it is important to know where that information was pulled so you may change your passwords and emails accordingly. Via a public site announcement, Guild Wars Guru informed it’s users that an attempt to access their information was made and “the database had been accessed by an unknown third party.” The exploit has since been fixed, but even past users of the site should take action and start changing passwords associated to the email address associated with Guru. Again, while such a breach is unfortunate, we do want to thank GWG for quickly resolving the problem and issuing an announcement that such actions were made. Also, this attack was aimed solely at GWG and not at the databases of Guild Wars 2 Guru.

However, as a precaution we thought it best to provide a few tips around securing your Guild Wars 2 account to ensure the remainder of your time playing GW2 is hacker free.

Password security tips per ArenaNet

  • Always use a strong password that is unique to your Guild Wars 2 account.
  • Set up Guild Wars Account E-mail Authentication.
  • Whenever possible, only check your e-mails from a trusted device.

Additional tips: 

  • Never follow links via email requesting you to input your GW2 login information (See recent phishing scams.)
  • Some users find additional security in setting up an email that is only used for their GW2 account.

Useful tool for checking password strength