There are crafting disciplines for all the different types of armor, and there are ones for marital weapons and ranged weapons. If you want to make magical weapons though (staves, scepters, etc), then you will want to pick up the Artificer discipline. You will also be able to create a few upgrade components as well, but the majority of the crafted items will be weapons useable by the scholar professions.

While it is possible to start crafting earlier if you plan on using some of the items you make, they all begin at level 10. If you begin at that point, it will give you a significant amount of time to store up materials, making it quicker to level up the discipline.

All values given are approximations as you may get lucky with critical successes. These values can also be increased through the use of crafting boost items found in the gem store.

What you’ll need:

Levels 0-25

 Refine your raw materials:

Make the following inscriptions:

Levels 25-50

 Once you have reached level 25 make the following inscriptions

Craft the following components:

Now move over to the discovery pane and combine the components with an inscription to discover a new recipe.

Levels 50-75

You may be a good way into this range already from the previous section; results will vary. Once you have reached level 50, you can begin making Masterwork (green) quality items. These require additional materials above and beyond those of the Rare (blue) quality items. You will also gain a significant amount of crafting experience when making these items, so it is best to create them when you have exhausted the previous discoveries.

Make the following components:

Now create:

Discover the new recipes with the remaining components you created earlier, and you should reach level 75. If not, craft a few more masterwork inscriptions of different types and discover those recipes.

Level Experience

You will gain a good amount of experience towards your character level each time your crafting level increases. Expect to gain around 1-2 levels worth of character level upon reaching level 75 in the artificer crafting discipline.