Only two of the crafting disciplines are able to make items that are usable by all professions – namely, Cooking and Jewelcrafting. As a jeweler, the player will be able to create rings, earrings and amulets that can be either worn or sold to other players. The jeweler is also able to make adornments for the various jewels in order to improve their stats and also create new types of gems.

While it is possible to start crafting earlier if you plan on using some of the items you make, they all begin at level 10. If you begin at that point, it will give you a significant amount of time to store up materials, making it quicker to level up the discipline.

All values given are approximations as you may get lucky with critical successes. These values can also be increased through the use of crafting boost items found in the gem store.

What you’ll need:

Levels 0-25

Refine your raw materials:

Make the following components:

Levels 25-50

Make the following components:

Move over to the discovery pane and begin by creating one of each type of ring (1 Band, 1 Setting, and 1 Jewel). Do this for each of the six different types of jewels. Continue to do the same with the Hooks and Settings, which will create earrings. Inventory can quickly become an issue, so if necessary salvage the items you have made to recover some of the materials, or sell your item on the Trading Post or to a vendor.

Once all the rings and earrings have been discovered, combine each type of jewel with a Copper Filigree to create adorned versions.

Levels 50-75

Create the following component:

Like in the previous section, continue to discover the recipes for all of the different types of amulets (1 Chain, 1 Setting, 1 Jewel). Once all six of the different recipes have been discovered, you should be fairly close to level 75. In order to gain those last few points, use the Adorned version of each jewel to create either rings, earrings or amulets of the Masterwork variety (such as Garnet Copper Stud).

Level Experience

You will gain a good amount of experience towards your character level each time your crafting level increases. Expect to gain around 2-3 levels worth of character level upon reaching level 75 in the tailoring crafting discipline.