Leatherworking, as the name implies, is the crafting discipline able to create leather armor. This can be especially useful if you are an Engineer or a Thief, as you’ll be able to make use of all the items that you craft. There are also bags and  other miscellaneous items, such as runes, that can be crafted to help augment your gear or to sell.

While it is possible to start crafting earlier if you plan on using some of the items you make, they all begin at level 10. If you begin at that point, it will give you a significant amount of time to store up materials, making it quicker to level up the discipline.

All values given are approximations as you may get lucky with critical successes. These values can also be increased through the use of crafting boost items found in the gem store.


What you’ll need:

Levels 0-25
Refine your raw materials:

Once you hit crafting level 25, you will no longer gain experience from refinements. If you need a few additional levels, you can make 8 Slot Rawhide Leather Packs with 10 Rawhide Leather Squares.

Levels 25-50
At this level, you will begin making items. A few levels will be gained from crafting the individual parts, but the majority will be gained through the use of the discovery system.

Craft the Insignias:

Now make the components:

Use the discovery pane to discover each of the combinations with the Boots and the Masks. If you only reach level 48 or 49 you can still move on to the next section of the guide as the recipes start at level 25.

Levels 50-75

Make the following components:

If you have not reached level 75, you can craft a few of the green master items, or craft a 8 Slot Invisible Leather Pack (10 Rawhide Leather Squares and 3 Piles of Glittering Dust), using the discovery pane. You will now have access to the next level of raw materials, such as Wool Scraps and Thin Leather Sections.

Level Experience

You will gain a good amount of experience towards your character level each time your crafting level increases. Expect to gain around 2-3 levels worth of character level upon reaching level 75 in this crafting discipline.

Community Built Guides:

For additional levels and information, please swing by our Guild Wars 2 Leatherworker Crafting Guide and Tutorial on the GW2 Community Guides Forum.