Several ArenaNet interviews resulting from EUFanDay have been storming the web in the last day or so but one that caught our attention was this one by In it, more details about WvW are discussed by ArenaNet developer, Mike Ferguson. As one of the game’s most anticipated features, it goes without saying that this is required reading. Don’t believe us?

GW2Journal: What role does each shard’s home map (borderlands) have? Are they contested at all times or do they only come into play once a world has control of the central battleground and wants to push further?

Mike: The home maps are available to fight in at all times. They are the only place you can find Orbs of Power that your team can capture to give your entire team bonus health. The Borderlands also give the home teams a starting point that is positioned to give them easier access to surrounding objectives so it’s hopefully easier for them to capture the surrounding objectives and keep them out of enemy hands. The home teams also start the game with a couple of the objectives surrounding their starting point in their possession. We originally designed the flow of the maps to be such that players would start in their home map and work their way in to the Eternal Battlegrounds or the home maps for other teams. One interesting thing we’ve seen is that since we allow access to all maps at all times, player behavior has actually tended to be the opposite of what we intended and people tend to start in the Eternal Battlegrounds and working their way back out to the Borderlands.

GW2Journal: It was mentioned that players would be able to change shards fairly easily. Can you share with us how you try to balance this feature in regards to switching sides in WvW?

Mike: We will charge a small fee to change your home World to discourage people from shard hopping to get the best world bonus. Players switching teams also will not receive the world bonus for their new shard for the duration of the current battle and potentially during the subsequent battle as well. It’s important to note that you can visit other Worlds for free to play PvE with your friends, but if you have a friend on another shard that you want to play WvW with, one of you will have to change your home World.

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