GW2 dances leak

Video for the many dances of Guild Wars 2 have hit the web after long being kept in secret.

The lineage of the video video is a bit unclear, ripped from a stream evidently, so don’t mind the issues with audio.

[UPDATE]: Since this article was published, all of the videos have been removed. Says the warning, “This video is no longer available beacuse the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimant: [NCSoft]”

The videos were sourced evidently from a beta test, as a watermarked account email address was barely visible in the videos.

All of these dances are initiated by using the /dance emote in Guild Wars 2. Of note – /dancenew, the collector’s edition dance emote from Guild Wars 1, is a command in Guild Wars 2 (as tested in the last beta weekend). No actions are tied to it at the moment, but that’s evidence that there may be more dances to come – specifically for those who didn’t settle to buy just the $60 version of the game.