The Mad King’s Clocktower can be one of the most difficult and frustrating jumping puzzles you’ll ever encounter. In fact, after a solid hour of trying… we gave up and just decided to use Stealth’s video as a winning example.

We do have a few pieces of advice to add:

  1. You can often jump to a platform before it’s animation completes. A perfect example is the circular disk that appears after the first pause, you may jump on it before it fully flips to a flat surface. The minute that the animation begins, the platform is essentially there… and a second head start can mean the difference. 
  2. Not all platforms must you jump to. Some can simply be accessed by running across from a higher platform. Jumping loses just a split second over a flat out sprint. Again… every fraction of a second counts when you’re being chased down by the mists.
  3. Turn off “Camera Shake” in the graphics options. It’s helpful… trust me.
  4. Turn off “Double Tap To Dodge” in the options as well… the last thing you need is to do some useless tumbling.

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