GW2 WvW Map Breakdown

GW2 WvW Map BreakdownOur very own, Beliasta, just showed us a breakdown of the WvW map that he has been working on and frankly, we are more than impressed. Here is his explanation of his work:

“So each home map has 3 keeps, 4 towers and 6 supply camps. Therefore a secure home map gives you  (3*25)+(4*10)+(6*5) = 145 points every 5 minutes.

Total points available in game = 710 points every 5 minutes.

Control area breakdown = 24 supply camps, 24 towers, 12 keeps, 1 Stonemist Castle.

The map has that kind  positioning in that if you take away stonemist then everyone can grab the same relative positions in a sort of expected default manner before all hell breaks lose. This means grabbing the home map, the main map’s keep, it’s 4 perimeter towers and the 2 supply camps. This magical 1/3 number is 145+25+(4*10)+(2*5) = 220 points every 5 minutes. If your world is getting more than 300 points every 5 minutes, that’s probably a very good position to be in, with the 50% mark at just 355 points.

Over a 2 week period a total of  2,862,720 points will be fought over. A lot of these will be lost to the ether during claiming periods or periods of transition.

The lowest guaranteed win would be a shade over half of that at 1,431,361 points. Though that might be considered an incredibly dominant and point heavy victory in a triple threat match. I imagine a point total in excess of 1 million would be a safe bet to victory. And isn’t that what we’re all after?”

We thought his map analysis was well worth posting and praise. /salute