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The Halloween festivities in Tyria are bringing with them not only candy  scares, and cheap plastic spiders, but a whole bunch of new meta events, all focused on the return of Mad King Thorn. They take place in three zones: Queensdale, Kessex Hills, and Gendarren Fields  No doubt many people will be milling about, and madness will be rushing about, so it’ll pay off to know what you are getting into.

Read on for all the gory details…

The Priory, The Engineer and the Advisor

There is a common strategy to completing both of these event chains: spread your numbers and cover all areas. In both, you will be expected to complete a number of tasks throughout the map to get to the next part of the chain, so be prepared to have players in multiple areas at once.

The most effective strategy for conquering both events at an individual level will involve relying heavily on Area of Effect damage (AoE). With larger zergs running through the events, foes will spawn in heavy numbers. Doing something like spamming explosive spells or using skills that hit multiple targets will increase your chances at getting kill credit on enemy mobs, giving you more experience and, most importantly, massive quantities of Halloween items.


This event happens just outside of Divinity’s Reach, near the Shaemoor Graveyard you visited during Tassi’s Scavenger Hunt. Three Priory researchers will spawn, and then spread out to open a series of portals.  A pair will go to the graveyard to the east.  They will stop in the middle section of the graveyard and begin research as you fight off around seven waves of Halloween monsters .  When I experienced this event, there were about 10 or so skeletons per wave, but this could easily change depending on how many people are helping out.  ‘
The next researcher will go to the well immediately to the East of the entrance portal to Divinity’s Reach.  Again 7 or so waves of Halloween Skeletons.  Fight them off, protect the researcher, and you should have no trouble. 
Finally you you’ll need to go aid the last researcher, which can be found by hugging the wall heading West from the Divinity’s Reach  gate. You’ll find this priory scholar  standing by a pumpkin. Same deal; fight the waves, [unknown information], profit. 


This event will operate very similar to the Advisor meta event. In this one, you will follow an NPC named Varro and three assistants to a reliquary under rebel control. Your first charge will be to take control of a location in Blackroot Cut, located in the northeast corner of Kessex Peak.

After that, the three assistants will be dispatched to three locations south of Blackroot Cut. They may not all leave at the same time, so like the event above, ensure that you are dividing your numbers evenly between the three assistants. All three will move to their respective locations and run their own event chains simultaneously, and the event won’t reach its conclusion unless all three assistants make it through their event chains successfully.


In the case of “Advisor of the lunatic Court,” once the event chain begins, you will follow event NPCs to three barrier power sources, beginning with one by Traveler’s Dale in southwest Gendarran Fields. To get there, use either the Traveler’s Dale or First Haven waypoints.

Once the Traveler’s Dale area is cleared out, the event will move onto The Lawlen Ponds, where a second power source will be claimed. Roughly a third of players who attacked the first location should stay at Traveler’s Dale, as the point will frequently come under siege from Halloween baddies.

Once Lawlen Ponds has been cleared out, divide your numbers in half and send one of the halves with event NPCs to the waters off of Bad Omen Beach. From there, the third barrier power source will be claimed. Once all three are under friendly control, players at all three locations should port over to the Lionbridge Waypoint to make the final strike of the event.

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