The Reaper’s Rumble event is ArenaNet’s play on the DOTA or MOBA style of gameplay.  Gameplay functionality consists mostly of minion creation, resource management, and multiple lanes of battle.  This event consists of two teams in a small map each trying to protect their mausoleums while taking out the other team’s, how you achieve this is dependent upon the chosen strategy of your team. Upon death, players encounter a 20sec timer before respawning back at their side’s rally point. Read on to learn more about your abilities, the map, and even a few tips and tricks!

Reaper’s Rumble is accessible from the Mad Realm, all ypou need to do is talk to the Boatman and he’ll take you to the field! The map in which you play Reaper’s Rumble is essentially a mirror image of itself, with rally points (waypoint marker) behind the middle lane and inaccessible by the other team to eliminate spawn camping. Mausoleums (gear marker) are spread out across 3 equal lanes. The center of the map is where pumpkins spawn for harvesting.

Mausoleums spawn skeletons when a pumpkin is harvested and thrown inside it, either by a player or farmer NPC. Each pumpkin spawns 4 skeletons that proceed to run down the lane and attack the other team’s players, NPCs, and mausoleum. Players may harvest pumpkins, marked on the map by an icon, and can throw them to other players (much like the keg brawl mechanic) through a ground targeted skill. While relaying pumpkins down the lane may seem like a great idea, beware crossing skeletons as they may intercept and take your harvest to the opposing side. Skeletons have an average amount of health and do an average amount of damage, but should not be undervalued. While one can easily be defended against, a pack of skeletons can quickly overwhelm a single player.

Just like WvW, every player is bumped to a standard level utilizing the same gear you would in a PvP environment (so be sure to set you gear in the mists before entering). The difference in this battle is that all characters have the exact same skill and weapon set (axe and pistol), essentially removing the type of profession from the team-making equation.


  1. Chop / Chop / Shoot
    1. Chop: Range 130
    2. Chop: Range 130
    3. Shoot: Range 900 / Combo Finisher: Physical Projectile
  2. Leap: Range 400
  3. Axe Spin: Range 130 / Combo Finisher: Whirl (AOE Damage)
  4. Shoot: Range 900 / Combo Finisher: Physical Projectile
  5. Aimed Shot: Range 900 / Combo Finisher: Physical Projectile (Heavy Damage, 12 sec Cooldown, AOE Damage)
  6. Raw Candy Corn: Heal (approx 33%)

Tips and Strategies:

  1. Sometimes sending players through the corn fields to flank a mausoleum can be beneficial if they’re able to make it behind enemy lines. Skeletons guarding the mausoleums can easily be avoided if players attack from behind the building, as their field of vision/aggro is forward facing towards the middle of the map.
  2. Set your gear before entering the rumble. Naked players tell no tales.
  3. Aimed Shot (Skill #5) is easily obstructed, use in open spaces and use often. If you’re battling it out with another player and your skill is on cooldown, take the fight to the graveyard as tombstones provide great cover.
  4. Farmers can hold pumpkins, but will drop it on the ground and only take what they harvest to the mausoleum. One person can essentially spawn 12 skeletons with a good amount of timing (a pumpkin in hand, a farmer harvested pumpkin, and a farmer held pumpkin).  

So get out there, spawn some skeletons, and make Mad King Thorn proud! Oh, but wait! While you are here, perhaps you’d like to know the secret to the new Halloween Events, or some tactical advice for when you go play Lunatic Inquisition? Luckily, Guild Wars Insider has you covered!

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