John Peters has answered a few questions while running around in the Heart of the Mists.  He revealed some juice tidbits including talking about some of the upcoming patch notes.  He revealed that the patch notes will be almost 5 pages long and includes lots of bullet points for Rangers and Mesmers as well as a huge number of bug fixes.  The full list and bonus picture can be found on Reddit posted by iomegadrive1 (give them some Karma love).

According to Jon Peters in the mists a few hours ago:

  • The profession part of the upcoming patch notes is roughly 5 pages long.
  • ~16 bullet points for rangers.
  • ~30 bullet points for engis.
  • Mesmers saw the fewest number of changes.
  • “Tons” of bug fixes.
  • “Some” balance changes.
  • Portal is a cool ability that’s important to the game but has some problems (whatever that means from their perspective idk).
  • The ability to use custom dyes in pvp is possibly coming in a December patch.
  • Broken treb and lord announcements should be fixed soon.
  • Target of target and player cast bars are low priority but something they might look at in the future.
  • Probably no hope of ever letting us disable the terrible skill queue.
  • Custom rankings, obs mode, etc. all “on the way” (as usual).”