Like portal-bombing in WvW? Get your fix in today, because tomorrow, once culling in WvW is gone, you won’t have the model loading lag to rely on for a couple seconds of cheaty-face stealth any longer.

In an interview with GW2Hub, ArenaNet developers Habib Loew, Mike Ferguson & Matt Witter sat down and gave some more detail into tomorrow’s content drop, which encompasses the second chapter of the Flame and Frost updates and includes a wealth of World vs World updates.

The interview is loaded with some great info, but there’s a few key details worth celebrating. First, up to 300 models can be rendered on-screen at any given time with the update, but the option’s menu will allow you to take control of that number if need be:   

We’ve then introduced two new client options to help you control the way characters are represented once they’ve reported to your client. If you turn everything all the way up to maximum, we can draw up to 300 players on the screen at a given time. After that, we start displaying them as name plates only.

Another interesting note:

The culling system being turned off is about improving the player experience, to make sure they can see everyone in the fight. Given that, our goal was to at least make performance no worse.


You may notice some frame rate changes but if you find that performance isn’t to your liking, the first thing I would suggest is that you change the World versus World character quality setting. Making this lower will increase the number of models that are using the lower resolution version, which will have a dramatic impact on your frame rates. In the event this doesn’t work for you, then you can always change the WvW character limit lower to shift more people to name plates only

There are other tidbits on new merchants offering “skins that are new to WvW that were previously unobtainable there,” Ferguson says in the interview. While they aren’t totally new skins (meaning they’re attainable elsewhere in the game), “what we’re doing is setting up a merchant that you can purchase your stat combinations from and an appearance option and kind of combine those. That’s how you get your piece of gear.”

There will not be any new ascended gear for WvW in tomorrow’s patch (so keep building up those fractal relics and laurels), but the developers have also not ruled that out as a possibility in future patches:

It is definitely on our list of things we want to add to it, it’s just that we encounter some issues getting it into this particular build.

So how has feedback for the changes fared so far? Says Leow:

The play test that we’ve seen so far, that have been internal, the reactions are incredibly gratifying to watch. The typical reaction is “Holy crap! this is going to be huge!” it usually comes not when they first start playing, but once they start to play with the settings. When they can turn the settings up and see 300 people, that’s usually when they get the “Holy crap! this is going to huge” moment. Ten minutes later, gamers are pretty good with what we give them so I expect they’ll get used to the new system very very quickly.

Again, check out the full interview here. We’ll see you in-game tomorrow!