Guild Wars 2 PvP Group

The flood of innovation from ArenaNet doesn’t seem to end. When the ArenaNet developers say “rethink the game” they seem to take this dead serious and with their new announcement on Auction Houses they have certainly done just that!

There have been many discussions and rumours around the possibly new bidding system in Guild Wars 2 but now it is confirmed: even buying and selling will be different to previous MMORPG’s.

At first glance everything seems quite standard. Players can place an item for sale with a minimum price at which they want to sell it and they can place bids on items which are being offered for sale by other players with the highest bidder receiving the said item. Nothing out of the ordinary here. But what happens when two or more players tie for the highest bid?

Here is where ArenaNet takes it just one step further. In Guild Wars 2 these players will be asked to enter an instanced area to compete in one of two different challenges! These are either a free for all PvP or a Horde mode. In each case the last man standing wins and has hereby won the right to purchase the item for which they all placed their bids. This would certainly make trading a good deal more action packed and would return the gaming world to true “survival of the fittest”.

Though not entirely unexpected the revelation of this competitive auction house has caused a ripple of mixed reactions throughout the community ocean. Many people say that this system propagates exactly the malevolent spirit between players seen in some MMO’s which ArenaNet is trying so hard to avoid. It has also been stated that this will practically inhibit players from buying certain rare and popular items because of its randomness. Others are positively delighted, since skilled players finally have an advantage over “just” tedious and thus rich players and that hereby the true gamers’ rule over Tyria could be achieved.