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Patch Notes 12/14

As we eagerly await the launch of the Wintersday content, ArenaNet published the patch notes for this festive event!

Seasons are changing, hearths are warming, and spirits are high. Wintersday is almost here! Tyrians are busily preparing for the longest night of the year, and Lion’s Arch wants to celebrate with an event to remember. The Captain’s Council has invited renowned entertainment engineer, Tixx the Toymaker, to bring his unique creations to the citizens of Tyria.
The toymaker will spend a day in each of the five cities, and finish his tour with a two-week stay in Lion’s Arch. The airship events will begin at 10 a.m. PST on December 15th and end January 3^rd^.

  • 10 a.m. PST, Saturday, December 15th: Airship lands in The Grove for a 24-hour stay.
  • 10 a.m. PST, Sunday, December 16th: Airship lands in Divinity’s Reach for a 24-hour stay.
  • 10 a.m. PST, Monday, December 17th: Airship lands in The Black Citadel for a 24-hour stay.
  • 10 a.m. PST, Tuesday, December 18th: Airship lands in Hoelbrak for a 24-hour stay.
  • 10 a.m. PST, Wednesday, December 19th: Airship lands in Rata Sum for a 24-hour stay.
  • 10 a.m. PST, Thursday, December 20th: Airship lands in Lion’s Arch, where it will remain until January 3rd.

But that’s just the beginning of this Wintersday fête. Along with Tixx and his wondrous workshop, there will also be new holiday content: (more…)


The GWI Wintersday Giveaway!

Tis the season for toy golems, snowball fights, and really cool SteelSeries gear. This Wintersday, GuildWarsInsider and SteelSeries bring you an easy to enter (and easier to win) holiday giveaway featuring all the cool GuildWars 2 gaming gear! 

Oh… and one of those highly sought after Dragon Emblem Shirts for your character! 

Also, be sure to check back often as we plan on giving away several other goodies during our live gameplay sessions and through Google+. Keep in the know and favorite our TwitchTV live GW2 gameplay channel or Google+ page to find out when we’re giving away the goodies!

Entering is easy and can be done daily for a greater chance to win… just follow us on Twitter, throw us a like on Facebook, shoot us a tweet, or leave your Winterday GW2 Wishlist for Tixx in the comment section below. The more you enter… the more likely you’ll be sporting some brand new GW2 gear in no time. Outside the Unites States? No problem! Tixx’s airship travels all over, so feel free to enter! 


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winter wonderland jumping puzzle

Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle Walkthrough

The Wintersday Jumping puzzle ought to remind you more than a little of a certain Thorny clocktower. Luckily for you, it seems ArenaNet heard many of our complaints, and they made some design changes that makes the Snow Globe Jumping Puzzle far less stressful, while still feeling challenging and fun.

Getting There: The Jumping Puzzle can be accessed right in the middle of Lions Arch! Simply Talk to the Festive Youth standing to the the north of the Seasonally-Appropriate-Mystic-Forge, and you’ll be whisked off to jumping, frustration, and a good helping of loot!

There are multiple parts to the puzzle. You start jumping from platform to platform (the platforms are appropriately shaped like snowflakes). After that, you navigate through a field of presents. After that, you walk along a path with dangerous rolling snowballs running by you constantly. Lastly, there is just one last area to move through – a field of small objects to climb up. Once you’re at the top, jump into the massive, glowing box to complete the puzzle and open a chest full of goodies.


Wintersday Bell Choir Guide

gw2 black lion presentIf you like Guitar Hero type games, you will love this game.

A whole group of players play in four choir sections with three players each. When you choose where to play from, you have upper, middle, lower parts to chose.

There are six different songs and one free play in each game. Play the right notes to heal during songs, take damage for the wrong notes (or right notes played at the wrong time).

If you lose all your health, you are kicked out until the next song starts. You need to clear 100pts to get an award chest.

wintersday snowball mayhem

Wintersday Snowball Mayhem Guide

Fans of games like Capture the Flag are going to enjoy Snowball Mayhem! It’s played by two teams and won by getting 500 points through either capturing Wintersday gifts or stopping the other team in that goal.

Getting Started

Beginning the game is easy.  Just talk to the NPC in the center of Lion’s Arch (he’s the asura on the barrel) to be sent to a red or blue base in the snow globe arena.  Once there, you will need to select one of three rolls to play: Heavy Gunner, Support or Scout.  Each roll brings different tools to the battlefield.

All three roles have a sixth skill unique to your profession. It acts as an additional defensive or offensive option. You’re also able to switch roles during the match, but you must port back to your base to do so.

All three rolls have five specific skills that are unique to them, and you choose a fresh role after every respawn.  Here is a quick outline of the three choices: Heavy Gunner, Support or Scout.   (more…)


Twas the Night Before Wintersday…

Twas the Night before Wintersday,
and all through the Grove
strange gizmos were stirring,
An asura, Behold!

Twas the Toymaker Tixx,
A mischievous imp,
Convinced his joy would be just the trick.

404-Quaggan-WintersdayTo help Tyria forget about gods, long forgot
Who hadn’t been seen, not a hint, nor a thought

for the past two centuries,
Old Grenth hadn’t stirred.
Dwayna was sleeping, or so I have heard.

The gods were gone, or so it would seem,
so Tixx stepped in, and good thing indeed.

“Tyria needs to see all my toys,
They’re wondrous, funny and make tons of noise!”

With a maniacal wink, and an unsettling laugh,
He fired up Magi-drives, this thing and that.

His wondrous toy shop, adrift in the air,
Would banish the sadness and all the despair.

“The gods may be gone, but I’m here to stay,
I bring snowballs, and presents on this Wintersday! (more…)


Playing with the Elements: Elites for Leveling

I’m starting to think that my Elementalist may be my new favorite class. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Mesmer and had a blast playing that little ball of deception, but there is just something very satisfying about playing an Elementalist. Maybe it’s all the fire and explosions? That being said I’ve been spending a good amount of time leveling my Ele, and I wanted to talk about the current state of Elite skills.

Like all classes we have three specific elite skills to choose from: Glyph of Elementals, Conjure Fiery Greatsword, and Tornado. Glyph and Greatsword are the first tier of elites that you will be able to unlock as you level up and it’s at that point that you have to make a decision. Do you want a pet, or do you want another set of skills?

When I was unlocking my utility skills I was intrigued by the idea of having a pet to do some tanking; afterall we are a very squishy profession and having something to take the hits for us sounds like a good idea. Yet Lesser Glyph of Elementals just didn’t really work for me. I had to remember to swap over to earth to the nice tank-y Elemental and the others just seemed to die to quick, so I just gradually stopped summoning the pet all together and finally just removed the skill from my bar.  (more…)


Blog post updates on bot response

Have you seen bots in-game? Probably.

Has ArenaNet seen bots? Definitely.

A blog post from the developer’s security coordinator, Mike Lewis, released today reveals that the company is aware of botting issues and matching them with an ongoing effort to eliminate them, even months after the game’s release.

The popularity of our game has spilled over into less savory portions of the gaming world, and the presence of that element has been felt all across Tyria. I know many of you have seen the impact of bots in the game, and rest assured, we have been watching closely as well.

So what has the company done?

In the month of November, we terminated over 34,000 accounts for operating bots in Guild Wars 2. Moreover, we have observed a serious decrease in the population of bots in the game – and so have you, our players. The number of bots reported every hour worldwide has dropped from more than 2,000 in October to a much healthier 20 as of this writing.

Read the rest of the post here.



Wintersday Schedule and Concept Art

ArenaNet released the time schedule, video and concept art for Wintersday starting this weekend, check it out at their official site. It will take place from 14th of December until 3rd of January. The schedule will be as follows:

  • December 14:Wintersday begins in Lions Arch with a new festive city decor. The Mystic Forge will be reskinned and will work as an entryway for the three activities:
    • Winter Wonderland: a new jumping puzzle.
    • Snowball Mayhem: PvP snowball fights. (Always good fun in GW1! Definitely worth a try!)
    • Bell Choir: a new musical event.
  • December 15: Arrival of Tixx’s airship in the Grove (10AM PST). In the following days the airship will visit all the main cities of each race bringing certain events with him.
  • December 16: Divinity’s Reach (10AM PST).
  • December 17Black Citadel (10AM PST).
  • December 18Hoelbrack (10AM PST).
  • December 19: Rata Sum (10AM PST).
  • December 20: For the remaining time (from 10AM PST until January 3rd) Tixx will stay in Lion’s Arch and will grant players a special item upon finishing all the previous toy events. In addition there will be an event called “Toypocalypse” where players need to defend the main toy production machine.

And that’s all from me! I’ll leave you with a lovely piece of Wintersday concept art, make sure check those out at the official site as well!



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