Fighting an enemy in PvP and interested in knowing his weapons’ range capabilities? Want to synergize your weapon sets? I’ve got the graphs for the occasion. Compiled below are charts for all of the professions and their weapon skills’ ranges and put them into 8 easily digestible morsels.

The unit Guild Wars 2 uses for distance is roughly comparable to an inch and I’ve listed the autoattack range, the minimum range as well as the maximum range. These 3 values are vital to a quick assessment of a weapon’s capabilities.  Autoattack gives you the range you should use as the standard weapon range, with the maximum range showing the outermost limits of the weapon’s range. The minimum range tends to be the same as the autoattack range (except for some ranged weapons) and is useful for offhanded weapons. 

Below each graph are some short notes about each profession and any errant values within.  Here are some other things to keep in mind as well:

  • All the graphs should be at the same scale with the same vertical axis so there are 1 or 2 values that go a bit off-grid (i.e. higher than 1200).
  • Melee is at 130 units and the compass at default is around 2500 units in radius. 
  • All ranges are without any traits boosting their range etc. 
  • Auto-attack refers to the [1] skill on a main-handed weapon, two handed weapon or kit. (The skill with 0 second recharge)
  • Min. Range is just something I included in the graphs to show that ranged weapons (such as a bow) have a short ranged skill or two (in the same vein as max range showing melee weapons have a long range sometimes). It doesn’t indicate a weapon’s weakness or anything…rather it shows a weapon’s versatility at multiple ranges.


Warrior Graph

Included the burst skills but the rifle’s burst skill has a range of 5000 units. The axe in offhand skill, Whirling Axe, allows you to move while using it allowing a high potential range.


Guardian Graph

Guardians’ sword range is slightly higher than normal melee attacks (150 compared to 130).


Engineer Graph with kits

Included the kits. Bomb kit shows explosive radius rather than range. Shield not listed.

Updated to include tool belt skills. Did not include the Mortar elite skill (duration 2 minutes) as it isn’t a proper kit. Range of all its attacks are 1400.


Ranger graph

The chain skills for the sword’s autoattack have increased ranges. Monarch’s Leap, a sword chain skill(2,2) has a listed range of 600 however the first part of the skill evades backwards, reducing the effective range in practice.


Thief graph

Used dual skills for the maximum range of main handed weapons. Infiltrator’s Strike‘s range is 900 but Shadow Return is 1200, I used the 900 value since that will be the more useful information.


Elementalist chart

Main handed dagger is the only weapon that has varying auto attack range depending on attunements. They range from 300-600.


Mesmer chart

The phantasm summoned by the torch skill has a listed range of 1700 units. Phantasms(which are summoned by off-hand weapons) tend to have long listed ranges.


Necromancer chart