For anyone interested in expanding their Guild Wars 2 experience through peripherals, there is good news.  Numerous third party programs are becoming available to bind your hotkeys to an Xbox360 controller. 

If you are concerned about violating Arenanet’s Terms of Use rules, the issue was addressed by Mark Katzbach, who is in charge of Community Special Operations at Arenanet.

“In cases like this, I would go so far as to say as long as the profile that binds controller buttons to keyboard/mouse commands is binding one button to one keypress/activation, you are not in danger of incurring a ban.“

As increasingly more mods and add-ons become available, the conversation surrounding what Arenanet considers legal will heat up.  It is advisable to be careful when using any third-party programs to prevent being banned.

Click here to read the entire thread on the official forums and find links to these programs.