Guild Wars 2′s official forums are now closed, but fans with a shovel in hand can still dig and find informative red posts, like the one below on developmental changes to the game’s dye system from ArenaNet employee Crystin Cox:

There was a time when the dye system was very different and at that time dye unlocks were account based, but we have since changed the dyes system and we really feel that character based is the right way to go and the system we have now is the best one for the game.

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Continuing Cox’s post:

Customized dye should be something that denotes your characters progress, like better looking, more elaborate gear. As you spend more time on your character, they grow and gain access to more customization options. If we make dyes account based, this progression will only happen on one character. We wanted character customization to remain tied to the character but we felt that one-time-use dyes discouraged players from customizing as often as they would like, that is how we arrived at the current system.

There are 400 dyes in the game, we do not think of dyes as something that a character should unlock all of, it is not meant to be a collection feature. Each character should have a unique palette and we have made enough colors to make this possible. Dyes come from world drops, rewards, crafting, the Mystic Forge, and the Gem Store and we expect that over the life of a character you will collect a lot of them.

We are still developing and the dye system will continue to receive attention and improvements, but changing it to an account based system is not something we are considering right now.

As mentioned above, the system was originally designed (and revealed in September of 2010) to be account-based.

After a member of the official forums created another topic on dyes, Cox weighed in again, this time explaining how the recently-added Mystic Forge will add to color collection:

We are working on a a way for you to make the exact color of dye you want using the Mystic Forge. You will need to get a specific crafting material for each color but you will get the exact color you want.

We really don’t want dyes to be a Gem Store only feature, we understand that some people would be willing to pay more to get exact dyes or all the dyes but we want to keep some aspects of the dyes system in the game.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this change will add to the collectibility and demand of certain shades in the dye system, or would you prefer that dye be account-based? Let us know by commenting below!